Tools for home bakery

Here I will share my steps for starting a home bakery.

It may be different for you, but from my experience, it worked the best to start as a weekend baker and keep my full time job. This way I was able to save money for my biggest purchase - my bread oven, the RofcoB40. But it all started with my regular kitchen oven and baking stone. You can also read more about how to start a home bakery in PA  and how to pass residential kitchen inspection in PA  . I have included all the links to the websites you will need to go to get certified. 

Get the biggest stone you can fit in your oven. Or two sets of these baking tiles below, so you can built a 21.5  inch long baking surface.



You will also need a bigger mixing tub. I use this 2.75 G size to mix up to 7 kg of dough. The clean lines and smooth surface of the tub makes it easier to fold the dough and dump it out for pre-shaping. 



I use proofing bannetons in the round and oval shapes. Here is the round one 


And the oval one


I use brown paper bags for all my breads. These ones below are nice, durable and big enough for a large loaf of bread. 




I like these bowl cowers. They come in different sizes, and work perfectly for the proofing baskets and large mixing tubs. 





It very important to invest in a nice, durable kitchen scale




Dough scrapers come in handy. I like these ones. Get two different colors so that it helps when you are working with two different doughs at the same time. 


I use this dough chopper. It works just fine, even on my sticky einkorn dough. 



Here is a thermometer I use to keep my dough at the right temperature. 



It is also nice to have a thermometer that shows the humidity level for your flour storage. I use this one


Not all of my proofing bannetons came with liners, so for those one that are not covered, I like to use  100% cotton napkins. 


To mix my sticky einkorn sourdough starter, leaven or smaller batch of the dough I really like using these mixing bowls. 


Having a nice spatula makes all the work easier.




I like my heavy duty oven mitts.


These parchment paper sheets will come in handy .


I also like using these USA Pan baking sheets. They are non stick and very durable. 


These cute stickers work perfect to seal the bag and say thank you to your clients


And again, with my very sticky einkorn dough, these whisk comes in handy with the smaller batches of the dough or leaven. 


If you interested to bake with Einkorn flour, "Jovial" is the best! 


 You may need a nice big water filter.

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