How to pass residential kitchen inspection in PA for home bakery

This past Tuesday I had my kitchen inspection and it went smoothly and quickly.  For my very first inspection, when I was just opening my home bakery, I was very insecure and had no idea what to expect. This time I was pretty confident about it and I will share with you my experience. You may also check out my post with all the steps you need to open a home bakery.

1. First of all, the sad truth is no pets are allowed in the house if you wish to open cottage bakery in PA.

2. Your house, of course, must be clean, especially the kitchen.

3. It is very important to have a double sink, so you can wash and rinse utensils in one part, then sanitize in the second.  If you don’t have a double sink in your kitchen, you may use plastic tub to sanitize utensils.

4. Make sure there is a space on your countertop next to the sink to lay utensils to dry. Try to place all the things that you like to  keep on your countertop in some kind of tray, so it is easy to move them away on your baking days.

5. All utensils for the bakery should be kept separately from your personal ones and be in a good shape, no cracks or chipping.

6. You need to have working area, like a kitchen island or table. It can be used for personal kitchen needs on non-baking days.

7. There should be enough light in the working area.

8. Put your hair in a ponytail and it’s nice to have hair nets.

9. No painted or acrylic nails.

10. For the inspection, prepare labels for your product,  listing bakery’s name, location (town and zip code will be enough), ingredients and all allergenic the products may contain. You need to have them available in case your customers ask for it, you don’t have to label your products if it is picked up from your bakery.

11. All flour has to be stored in a cool and dry area .

12. Buy yourself a thermometer that shows humidity as well.


I think that is pretty much it. If I think of something else, I will add it later Have a successful inspection day!

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